Anonymous asked:
they've said before that Scott is 6'3 and Mitch is 5'10

Holy shit Mitch is a lot taller than I thought. LOL

*edit: Osike it has been stated that Mitch is not in fact 5’10

he’s actually 3’11

Sometimes the height difference between Scott and Mitch frustrates me when I make GIFs because I hate having so much empty space above Mitch’s head but then when I try to crop it so that there’s barely any, this happens

and it’s really fucking annoying like god damn it skawt y cant u b shorter 

Seriously how tall are both of them? Because Mitch seems to be like 10 feet shorter than Scott. LOL

It makes me so happy to see you guys tweeting Scott and Mitch!

You guys are fucking amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful and loving family :)

padalecki-collins-ackles asked:
you seem cool. I like you

Thank you! I AM cool. I like me too.

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